Boston, MA

$30 half hour, $55 full hour

Virtual or in person

Scholarships available

Contact information:, phone number by request

Classical, Pop, and Musical Theatre

Studio Policies

  • I accept Venmo, cash, or checks
  • pay for the month in advance or pay within 48 hours after lesson
  • Student and or guardians are expected to pay for materials
    • including music books, folder, and something to record lessons with
  • Please contact me about scholarships
  • Must cancel 24 hours in advance
  • Contact me to reschedule
  • Repeated tardiness or absence may result in removal from the studio
  • Lessons
    • arrive on time with materials
    • be respectful
    • record lessons in order to listen to them later and review
  • Practice
    • I will create a practice sheet for the student that they can use and fill out
  • Repertoire
    • We will work on one to two pieces at a time
    • I am flexible to the student and their goals
    • Classical: art songs and arias, Pop, and Musical Theatre
    • audition pieces for choir

My Philosophy

Loving to sing is loving to learn. In my own journey, I have found that the discoveries and eureka moments reignite my passion for music. As a teacher, my goal is to help students find joy in their discoveries and excel. It is so exciting to watch my students learn and gain confidence in their skills!

My studio is meant to be a safe space for students to learn and let go of their daily stresses. I welcome students of all backgrounds and identities. Music does not exclude and neither should we. I want to be a positive influence and mentor in your life.

My goal for you is to help you sing with confidence and ease. I believe that the better your technique is, the easier singing will be. This means finding what works specifically for you and working with your unique instrument. Learning to sing and practicing regularly is hard work, but it should eventually feel natural.

I believe the best singing comes from a clear mind and a body with as little tension as possible. We will focus on guiding the voice where it wants to go by opening the throat and finding breath techniques that work best for you. I want you to be able to sing that art song or aria, audition for choir, or simply develop your skills while doing something you love.